Current research

Exploring Attentional Bias in Nicotine Dependence

This is the first study of my PhD project, and follows on from my third year dissertation study. It was pre-registered on the OSF and participants are still being recruited in line with the original sampling plan.

Cognitive Deficits Associated with Problematic Substance Use: A Systematic Review of Light and Heavy Smokers

This systematic review will contribute towards the second chapter of my PhD thesis. A protocol was published on the PROSPERO database following the PRISMA guidelines (Moher et al. 2010) for systematic reviews. Further details can be found on the associated OSF page.

Past research

The Difference in Smoking Motives, Habits, and Attentional Bias in Nicotine Dependent and Non-Dependent Smokers

This was my third year dissertation project as an undergraduate psychology student. An overview of the study can be found by looking at a poster presented at the BPS psychobiology annual scientific meeting. Further information can be found in my dissertation.