Reasons to Move your Surveys Online

When I was collecting data for my last project, I printed off reams upon reams of paper for my questionnaires, information sheets etc. I did not particularly like it at the time but I could not see a different way of doing it. However, when it was completed and I had a pile of paper […]

Book review: Chasing the Scream (Johann Hari)

‘Chasing the Scream’ is an interesting and person-centred account of the war on drugs by covering its creation and modern implications, and the current movements toward legalisation or decriminalisation. The book is especially interesting as I am what Hari identified early on in the book as an ‘ivory tower’ researcher (although as a student, my […]

Day in the Life of a Research Student

I recently wrote a post for the research blog at Coventry University about what it is like to be a research student. It covers a typical day, what I like about being a research student, and little bits of advice for people considering postgraduate research: I have always had the luxury of knowing which career path […]