I’m James Bartlett, a PhD student in Psychology at Coventry University, UK.

I am extremely vocal about open science, so in time I will include details of my research, share materials and data, and include any null results that have not been published elsewhere.

Research is difficult and there are many things that I wish I was told earlier, or worked out for myself sooner. My aim here is to share some useful tips that you may not be aware of, or just provide an account of my experiences.

The content of this website will mainly consist of:

  • Research methods and statistics
  • Learning how to program
  • Post-graduate student experiences
  • My own research
  • Tips for conducting research

Feel free to point out if anything is wrong, I’ll be happy to hold my hands up and rectify my mistakes.

Contact Details

You can contact me by email at: jebartlett94@gmail.com

My Research Gate profile can be found here

I can be found on the research directory at Coventry University where I am a PhD student.

You can find me on Twitter using the handle: @JamesEBartlett